• In this month’s newsletter, you’ll read about industry trends for 2018 and how to be prepared when natural disasters occur.

  • This month’s newsletter features OSHA’s recommitment to safety for female construction workers and summarizes a recent study about the threat of automation.

  • This month's newsletter features advice on surveillance systems at commercial construction sites and looks at how some companies are addressing opioid abuse.

  • This month's newsletter looks at the effect of the new steel tariffs on construction and how retailers are investing in skilled trades training.
  • In this month’s newsletter, you’ll read about how technology can be used to improve employee safety and the benefits of off-site construction.
  • The June Construction Risk Advisor newsletter offers insight into the benefits of using the cloud, as well as whether signing bonuses are effective for attracting and retaining a skilled workforce.
  • In the July Construction Risk Advisor newsletter, you’ll read about avoidable mistakes when estimating the cost of construction projects and how data science can be used to boost efficiency and safety.
This monthly newsletter features timely workplace safety and insurance-related articles to educate readers on the importance of risk management efforts. We also offer the following industry specific versions of this newsletter: Agriculture, Health Care, Manufacturing, and Transportation, as well as a Commercial Risk Overview.