This newsletter features tips for avoiding ADA lawsuits for website compliance, training employees to prevent cyber attacks and the need for two types of intelligence to mitigate cyber threats.

This newsletter warns about a foreign cyber campaign targeting millions of devices, provides insight into different types of cyber testing and offers ways to drive sales with cyber security.

Read about how much money cyber criminals stole from U.S. consumers in 2017, cyber topics to watch in 2018 and how cyber topped the list of threats to the United States.
Employee Cyber Training Manuals
  • Instruction Guide
    This document contains an overview of the entire training manual and is designed for instructors.

  • Overview & Best Practices
    This document provides an overview of risks along with best practices for combatting cyber risks.

  • Devices
    This document covers cyber risks as they pertain to hardware and physical devices and offers strategies to mitigate those risks.

  • Communications
    This document covers the cyber risks posed by communication, including email, social media and more.
With cyber attacks on the the rise, they have become a huge, costly risk for businesses of all sizes. Experts say the average data breach costs $4 million, which can devastate an organization.

We believe that the first line of defense against cyber threats is a well-educated workforce. Employers can use this four-part training manual, along with the other resources found on this page, to educate and empower employees about common cyber risks and the best practices to defend against them.
Cyber Risks + Liabilities Newsletter
This bi-monthly newsletter contains the latest news and information about the rapidly changing world of cyber risk.
January / February 2018
This newsletter examines the troubling lack of concern that CFOs have in regard to cyber risk, the Trump administration’s new rules on disclosing cyber flaws and the biggest cyber security disasters of 2017.

November / December 2017
This newsletter features cyber risk questions that every board should ask, key considerations when buying cyber insurance and new details about Yahoo’s 2013 data breach.

This newsletter features the increase in data breaches, key takeaways from the 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study and the latest cyber threat to hit Hollywood.